Swarovski 6430 – Classic Cut, 14 mm – Crystal Vitrail Medium

Pendants are maybe the most famous group of Swarovski crystals due to their easy use as a single element to create a jewelry item or their integration into a combination with other kinds of crystals to achieve a more striking effect.
Pendants are usually brilliantly polished and sparkling on all sides, they have many classical or contemporary cuts and shapes and they are available in many colors, effects and sizes.
With the introducing of Ceralun by Swarovski the bigger sizes of pendants turned into an object of further decoration with small Round Stones or Flatbacks, which brings further variety of the application techniques and correspondingly of the finished jewellery items.

Цена за Количество

Количество1 - 67 - 1213 +
Additional information

Additional information


Green, Multicolour

Swarovski Colour

Vitrail Medium

Swarovski Size

MM 14,0



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