Swarovski 2493 – Chessboard, 12 mm – Vintage Rose Satin


Flatbacks Hotfix are crystals with a flat reverse side, on which an additional layer of heat-sensitive glue has been applied – a result of a revolutionary technology of Swarovski.
They can be easily glued to different textile materials using heat by an applicator, iron or a special heat-press.
The Hotfix crystals are mainly used in the textile industry for decoration of different garments – T-shirts, dresses, etc., with the so-called transfers that represent either a picture or a Logo or a combination of both.
They are widely used also in the production of leotards for the Rhythm Gymnastics, where highly skilled designers can create exclusive design decorations, using the multiple possibilities for combining of different kinds, forms and colors of Hotfix crystals, recently in combination with Sew-Ons also.
Other areas of application include fashion, accessories, footwear industry and interior decor.

• Quantity “1” corresponds to 1 Gross /1 little pack/. 1 Gross contains 144 pieces of crystals.

Size of the Swarovski crystals.

Плащания и доставка

Плащанията се извършват с наложен платеж. Поръчките ще бъдат доставяни до Вас от куриер на куриерска фирма “Спиди” с експресна доставка на следващия ден.


Работно време на куриерите:
Понеделник – Петък: 09:00 – 16:00
Събота – от 9:00 до 13:30

За цената, времето и срока на доставката ще се свържем допълнително на посочените от Вас координати, с оглед уговорка на оптимално за Вас време от деня, адрес за получаване и цена на куриерската услуга.