Crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2011

Inspiration through innovation
Luminous, captivating and radiant with the beauty of nature, the latest introductions to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range spark a wealth of creative inspiration for design talents across the world.

New colors and effects: botanical beauty
From pale lavenders to lush greens, the latest colors and effects in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range unashamedly celebrate the beauty of plant life.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS cuts: Art Nouveau romance meets Art Deco luxury
Thanks to its unique asymmetric cut, the increased number of facets and unmatched brilliance, the upgraded XILION Heart Pendant strikes a bold, futuristic note. Available in multiple colors, effects and sizes, the new pendant offers the glorious refractions and reflections associated with all XILION cuts. It will bring extra sparkle to existing beading projects, and a spark of inspiration to new ones.