The first and only “RECOMMENDED STORE for CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” in Eastern Europe, that grew up to this position after being the only AUTHORIZED WHOLESALER for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in the region for 2008, 2009 and 2010


   We have the biggest warehouse of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS with enormous stock available for immediate delivery of more than 5 000 positions from all the groups in the catalogue – Beads, Pendants, Pearls, Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Hotfix, Sew-on Stones, Crystal Mesh, Cupchains, Buttons, delivery in 2 – 3 days for lacking positions.
We offer unbeatable wholesale prices and conditions, excellent service, multilingual communication in english, spanish, german, russian. We ship to the whole world at the best possible freight rates.
Apart from that we offer unique handmade jewellery “CRYSTAL ZONE ART”, produced with sophisticated technology with specific materials and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – a peculiar upgrade of the Pointiage® technique, implemented by Swarovski’s best customers-applicators.
The huge availability of thousands of types, sizes and colours of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS permit us to be the company Nr. 1 supplier for a lot of fields of implementation of Swarovski crystals – Sport costumes’ decoration, textile applications, production of jewellery, CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS shops, beads shops, online retailers and wholesalers of crystals and jewellery, individual applicators and beaders from the whole world, interior decorators, etc.
Our stock of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, our comfortable and representative show-room, situated in a central and easy-to-find location in Sofia and our friendly and educated staff have attracted dozens of specific art-minded creators and applicators from many spheres, for whom we organize special workshops. These workshops are dedicated to sharing unique technologies for creating designer jewellery, taking advantage of the enormous possibilities of all the types of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and using an extensive line of other materials, such as wood, natural stone, metal, etc.

Pieces of Art are the result of such workshops, bearing the label “In cooperation with CRYSTAL ZONE“.
Speak to us or send us an e-mail with your inquiry, we answer immediately with an offer. We are your best bridge to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.